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We’ve run dry on confessions. That’s why I haven’t posted lately.

Keep them coming!

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I try to never ship IRL couples having the mindset that a fictional couple can be messed with, while IRL couples are reality where actual people can be hurt. And yet - I can’t help but ship Rennerson! I know I shouldn’t - Clintasha should be enough for me. I blame Jeremy and Scarlett for being so obviously flawless together. - Anon
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Jeremy and Scarlett have seriously affected my life. I love both of them so much that I sometimes overreact whenever I see a picture of Jeremy with another woman or Scarlett with another man. I saw serveral this morning and I burst into tears. I don’t know. I want them to get married already and last forever so pleeeaaasseee!! I love you, I love you, I love you! -AgentRenner
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Even if they aren’t a “couple” in the romantic sense, I still love Clint and Natasha’s close relationship. There’s something so endearing (and a little ironic) about two assassins having such a close bond with one another. - Anon
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"I don’t know who I ship more Clintasha or Rennerson." - Anon
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I’ve decided that this blog is going to be a BlackHawk confessions blog. So send me all your confessions ;)

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Avengers Smex and Why You Want to See It [NSFW]


You know those nights where you’re trying to sleep but you can only seem to have your mind running around about the things you’re currently obsessing over?

Well, seeing as I have been so obsessed over The Avengers since it came out [though I’ve been a Marvel fan since I was real little], my mind jumped one night to…Avenger smex. [I like to say smex when on the interwebs lol] You know you want to see your favorite Avengers, if not all, and their [hetero] love interest tangled in the loving embrace of….love xD [yeah fail]

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